On March 29, 2014 in Warsaw took place the first Polish Society of Periodontology conference Perio 2014.

  The conference was opened by Prof. Renata Górska, President of the Polish Society of Periodontology , head of the Department of Periodontology and Oral Diseases, Medical University of Warsaw, national consultant in the field of periodontology. The topic of the conference opening lecture were the possibilities of non-surgical treatment of periodontal diseases and comparing the efficiency of these methods with surgical treatment. Summarizing the conference, Prof. Górska said:

  Next lecture was presented by Prof. Mariano Sanz who devoted his presentation to the topic of periodontal tissues regeneration. He emphasized the future perspectives in this field, inter alia, the use of tissue bioengineering technique. Prof. Sanz is a lecturer of periodontology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, he is also head of the “Master in Periodontology” program at that university. Prof. Sanz mentioned the first Polish congress on which he spoke, in 1991, speaking highly of the changes that took place in over 20 years, both in Polish science and everyday dental practice:

  Next lecture was presented by Prof. Frank Weiland – orthodontist, specializing in orthodontic treatment of patients with periodontal diseases. On examples from his own practice, he discussed the rules of cooperation between orthodontists and periodontists, as essential basis for success. Prof. Weiland is the former President of the European Board of Orthodontics and an active member of Angle Society of Europe. Currently, he works at the Department of Orthodontics, University Clinic of Dentistry, Vienna, he also leads his own private practice. He stressed the significance of team work in treating patients with periodontal diseases and requiring orthodontic treatment:

  After the break, Prof. Serge Dibart discussed the possibilities of treating patients with malocclusion with the use of Piezocision™ – including the possibility of applying this device in cases of soft tissue deficits. Porf. Dibart is head of the Department of Periodontology & Oral Biology at the Boston University and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. In an interview, this is how he spoke of new possibilities of treatment thanks to the use of Piezocision™:

  The topic of the last lecture, presented by Prof. Phoebus Madianos, was peri-implantitis treatment. The prerequisite for effective and durable treatment is the knowledge and elimination of risk factors that were also discussed. Prof. Madianos is head of the diploma teaching program in periodontology and the implantology section at School of Dentistry , University of Athens. As the president-elect of the European Federation of Periodontology , this is how he sees the perspectives for Poland in its structures:

  On the day before the conference, on March 28, Prof. Mariano Sanz and Dr. Eli Friedwald conducted practical workshops in periodontal surgery. The first workshop, conducted by Prof. Mariano Sanz, regarded covering gingival recessions with the use of connective tissue transplant (in two-layer technique) and the use of collagen matrix, as well as widening the keratinizated gingiva zone with the use of connective tissue transplant and with the use of collagen matrix. The second workshop was conducted by Dr. Eli Friedwald from Israel. The participants had the opportunity to practice guided bone regeneration technique and stitching techniques in periodontal surgery. For Dr. Eli Friedwald it also wasn’t the first visit to Poland, what he emphasized in the interview: