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2nd European Meeting on Enhanced Natural Healing in Dentistry

September 7-9, 2018

Leuven, Belgium

Dear Renata, Dear Friend,

During the past 5 years the team of Prof. Nelson Pinto and my department have treated more than 1.000 patients with L-PRF (leucocyte- and platelet rich fibrin), in different indications (see below), with nice clinical results and significant advantages: 100% autogenous, high predictability, high feasibility, low morbidity, and simple. Here are some examples:

After the success of the first L-PRF meeting in 2016 (488 participants from 39 different countries) we have decided to organise a second “international meeting” on L-PRF (September 7-9, 2018 in Leuven, Belgium).

World top clinicians will present the most recent “evidence based” indications for L-PRF, and will demonstrate their surgical techniques (via hands-on & videos).

Members of your team will also have the possibility to present their experience, during the open sessions.
Our website:

L-PRF is completely different from, and significantly superior to, the old PRP
(see for example
The preparation of L-PRF is extremely simple, inexpensive and 100% autogenous.
Many clinicians and even more patients will benefit from this new treatment strategy.

Warm regards,
The Los Andes and Kuleuven teams!

Prof. Dr. Marc Quirynen
Professor in Periodontology & Head & Neck Anatomy
KU Leuven – Department of Oral Health Sciences| Periodontology – University Hospitals Leuven

2nd European Meeting