EFP Perio Sessions

28th January 2021, 19:00
Cost: €35.00 Ex. VAT
live webinar

10th December 2020, 19:00
live webinar

19th November 2020 – Guideline Introduction: Treatment of periodontitis stages I, II and III from diagnosis to treatment planning”

The Webinar is scheduled at 19:00 CET

The clinical guideline for the treatment of periodontitis stages I-III was recently published and provides recommendations on all the therapeutic interventions used in the treatment of periodontitis. These recommendations are based on a strict process of evaluation of the evidence based behind each recommendation. Clinical cases will be presented to exemplify the flow from diagnosis to treatment planning and to therapy.

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19th November 2020, 19:00
live webinar

4th June – Webinar on „A tissue-engineered biocomplex for clinical periodontal regeneration”

The Webinar is scheduled at 19:00 CET

Speaker: Danae Apatzidou
Moderator: Nicola West

Tissue engineering (TE) by means of autologous alveolar bone mesenchymal stem cells, platelet concentrates, and collagen scaffolds, in combination with advanced surgical techniques, constitutes a promising treatment approach in periodontal regeneration

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June 4th 2020, 19:00 CET
live webinar

28th May – Webinar on „Sex hormones – do they have an effect on periodontal health?”

The Webinar is scheduled at 19:00 CET

Speaker: Ali Cekici
Moderator: Spyridon Vasilopoulos

Androgens, estrogens, and progestins are able to modulate periodontal tissue response. In this webinar the relation between sex hormones and periodontal health will be discussed in the light of the scientific literature.

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May 28th 2020, 19:00 CET
live webinar

Please register for the EFP Perio Sessions live webinar, April 23rd 2020, 17:00 CET “Periodontal surgery of complex defects”

Speaker: Filippo Graziani (University of Pisa)
Topic: Periodontal surgery for complex defects
Moderator: Darko Božić

This webinar will focus on the rationale and the techniques available to perform periodontal surgery on teeth with periodontal defects associated with a poor prognosis.

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April 23rd 2020, 17:00 CET
live webinar