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Become a member of PTP

In order to become a member of the Polish Society of Periodontology, you have to:

  1. Get acquainted with the Statute

A filled-out and signed membership declaration should be sent:

  • via e-mail (after printing, signing and scanning) to: or
  • by mail: Zakład Chorób Błony Śluzowej i Przyzębia WUM, ul. Miodowa 18, 00-246 Warszawa.
  1. Pay the membership fee

  2. Membership fee at the Polish Society of Periodontology for the year 2015 amounts:

    • PLN 250 for ordinary members,
    • PLN 75 for students, dental surgeons and doctors during their post-graduate internship (without access to online materials of EFP)
    • PLN 50 for retired doctors.

    Bank account number: 53 1020 1156 0000 7602 0126 4233 (to be found also in the declaration). Please indicate name and surname in the transfer name.

Since March 15, 2013, the Polish Society of Periodontology is a full-right member of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP), one of the largest periodontal organization in the world. Therefore, the advantages of the Polish Society of Periodontology members are following:

  • full and free access to the official publishing of EFP – Journal of Clinical Periodontology (online subscription);
  • reductions for entrance fees for EUROPERIO conference organized every 3 years, the biggest periodontal conference in the world, as well as other courses and conferences organized by EFP, including exclusive courses organized only for members;
  • free access to materials from EFP website – interviews, EFP official statements, conference lists, materials for the office (examination forms, informed consent forms), the opportunity to register as a lecturer, place and browse job offers;
  • reductions for entrance fees for conferences organized by the Polish Society of Periodontology (upcoming international conference – 28-29.03.2014, Warsaw).

Moreover, in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Health „On the completion of professional training of doctors and dentists” (Appendix No. 3, group II, item 18) for the membership in the Polish Society of Periodontology one receives 5 educational points.